Islamic religion

The Islamic religious studies study is based on modern educational standards, the ECTS system of study and a quality teaching and scientific process defined by the reform of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The first cycle of study in the Department of islamic religious studies lasts four years or eight semesters (240 ECTS credits).
Upon completion of the first cycle of study 'Islamic Religion', the professional scientific title of Bakalaureat Bachelor of Islamic religion is acquired.
A graduate of this study may teach Islamic religious education in primary and secondary schools, both in our home country and in other countries, given the fact that our faculty diploma is recognized within the borders of BiH and abroad and that the University of Bihać is accredited by the Higher Development Agency education in BiH.
After successfully completing their studies, graduates of this department can continue their master's studies at this or other faculties of similar orientation in the country or abroad.
The curriculum is in line with the requirements of the Bologna Study and the Law on higher education.
Reputable and relevant experts have been hired to implement this study program.
Upon completion of this study, the student:
-qualified and qualified in the field of islamic religion, with knowledge of contemporary achievements in this field,
-can apply detailed knowledge and critical understanding of the principles related to the field of islamic religion and apply them in a professional manner,
- is capable of collecting and interpreting relevant information (within the field of islamic religion) by which he or she makes judgments containing reflections on relevant social scientific or ethical issues,
- is able to work professionally in an intercultural and inclusive environment (respect for diversity),
-demonstrates interpersonal teamwork skills, suitable for employment and/or further study.