Islamic Pedagogical Faculty in Bihac was established by a decision of the Parliament (Sabor) of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina on December 23 1995. The forerunner of the Faculty was the Islamic Pedagogical Academy as a school of higher education. The basic task for its foundation was the education of personnel for carrying out the subject of Islamic religious education in primary and secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Islamic Pedagogical Academy in Bihac became an associate member of the University of Bihac with rights and obligations as other members by signing a contract on joining the University of Bihac on June 20 1997, which was confirmed by the Assembly of the Una-Sana Canton on August 15 1997.

The Academy was renamed to Islamic Pedagogical Faculty by the decision of the Parliament (Sabor) of Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina on September 25 2004. On the fourteenth of September 2005, the Faculty was transformed from a two-year to three-year study programme. Thanks to this reform the study programme became coordinated with the Bologna principles (3 + 2 + 3), with the introduction of ECTS.

The first cycle of study last four years or eight semesters since the academic year 2015/16.

In order to implement planned development, Faculty has enrolled its first generation of students at the Master studies or second study cycle in the academic year 2009/2010. The first generation of students was enrolled at the newly opened study department Social pedagogy and spiritual care in the academic year 2012/2013.
During its beginnings the Faculty was located in the residence of Mufti of Bihac, and since the September of 2002 Faculty is based in its own building with the total area of usable space of about 5,000 square meters. The Faculty building has a student dormitory with 100 beds and a student restaurant, as well as lecture halls, offices, an amphitheater, auditorium and offices.

Faculty has published dozens of books, 8 Proceedings, organized a large number of round tables, symposia, forums, lectures and scientific conferences.

Full name:
Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina University of Bihac
Islamic Pedagogical Faculty in Bihac

Žegarska aleja 14, 77000 Bihac

+387 37 220165 (Deans office)
+387 37 220162 (Secretary)
+387 37 228161 (Student services)
+387 37 228160 (Fax)

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